Rerouting. A journey from Seattle to Berlin and to the world.


Work visa was up, quit my job, sold everything, canceled all my subscriptions. Hoping to travel the world for a year in the search of meeting people that reiterate me that this world has more positivity than negativity. Right now I am not 100% sure the duration of this trip but hopefully it is about a year. Please recommend me places, cheap hostels, cool trips, cool sightseeing, cool cities/countries that might be worth visiting. First stop: Berlin, Germany.


Connecting people through technology and traveling. How Ari Gootnick’s 6- Degrees of Separation Theory is reinventing traveling.


#ProjectFourDegrees is all about connecting people through technology and through people's networking. The main goal of this project is to prove that humans are actually more interconnected than we think we are. By using people's networking Ari's aim is to show that he can travel from LA to NYC with the help of you, your network, and your network's network. Let help Ari accomplish this incredible journey!!!