Leaving America with a smile on my face while listening to Arabic music.

Good Bye America

Leaving the United States was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Indeed, I had the thought that I was going to cry after saying good bye to my ex-coworkers and the few friends I had made in Seattle but in reality, I was actually quite excited to go travel and meet new people.

Seattle for me was not always easy. I had some angels that helped me along the way but I also had some demons that tried to bring me down multiple times. It was a balance of good and bad that finally was ending. All of those bad experiences and all of those good experiences had given me the impulse to book a flight from Seattle to Berlin, Germany in order to find more about myself.

Originally I was supposed to leave Seattle on July 4th but the Canadian government decided to reject my transit visa. This rejection on my travel visa meant that I could not fly through Canada until requesting another transit visa which normally takes a month to process. In their defense, they believed that I was going to stay in Canada and not fly all the way to Germany which was a bit over the top. Some of their reasons were related to my work status in the US and the fact that I applied for a work permit in Canada at the same time that I applied for a transit visa. The funny part was that I had/have no interest in living illegally in Canada or anywhere in the world.

Due to Canada’s decision of rejecting my visa two days after my flights had taken off, I decided to reroute and book my flight through NYC a week later. Hence, my flight was from Seattle to NYC to Berlin on July 8th.

Hallo Berlin, Germany. 


Before I arrived in Berlin I was a bit afraid. I had not booked my hostel nor I had any documentations of what I was going to be doing in the country. Sometimes certain countries tend to ask for roundtrip tickets, letter of invitation from a friend or a business, bank account statements, and all of those things but in my messy head, I had no time to prepare for those things. When I arrived in Berlin I began to think about the possible questions that the immigration agent was going to ask me and the possible scenarios of a deportation.

When I travel I usually just go to a place and start looking for accommodation and all of those sorts of things. If you knew me I am somewhat adventurous to the extent in which I do not prepare myself before any of my trips. The thought of planning everything before a trip only creates expectations which can be destroyed really fast.

While making the immigration line I was analyzing which police officer I knew wasn’t going to be an asshole and ask me for those sorts of things. I picked this young handsome German police officer which I knew he was friendlier than the other two. When I handed my Costa Rican passport they were a bit amazed by it. He showed to the other officer all of the little decorations that the Costa Rican passport has. He looked at me and stamped me in without any questions.

I was finally admitted into the European Union which symbolized the beginning of my 3-month traveling adventure in the European continent. Now that I was finally in Berlin I needed to find a hostel right away as I was not able to sleep the night before the flight and also I was not able to sleep during the flight. Both of those factors mixed with jet lag did not settle well. I was tired and my two backpacks were heavier than normal.

Nonetheless, the traveling spirit was with me and the beginning a crazy adventure had just begun.



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