Any ’90s Kid Dream: Visiting Pokemon International Headquarters.



One of the coolest things that Seattle has to offer is in its wide range of cool tech companies that have shaped and are shaping the lives of millions across the globe. Tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, E.A Sports, Big fish, and Nintendo are only a few of those companies that reside in this city.

I was really fortunate that on my first couple of months in Seattle I was able to become friends with some of the employees of the Pokemon International HeadQuarters in Bellevue, Washington.

It all started after I met Kaori at a bar on Capitol Hill. K, as many call her, is originally from Japan and moved from L.A to Seattle to work for Pokemon. When we met we both did not have many friends in Seattle and wanted to meet other transplants to go for drinks. We began by drinking on random weekends to going out with K’s coworkers.

Every time we would go out with her Pokemon coworkers I would get excited as Pokemon was a childhood dream to me. To be hanging around with some of the people that made some of the decisions for Pokemon was just thrilling. In fact, if I have to speak good about any company’s employees it would be Pokemon. Everyone I’ve met that works in Pokemon have a unique personality and a great heart. It just feels like a big family.

Cool things about the Pokemon International Headquarters:

1- Four starters Pokemon on their real life size. 



2- Pokemon starters stickers on the elevators.


3- Pokemon cards on the wall. Rare ones and hard ones to get included. 


4- PokePlush Wall. 




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