Connecting people through technology and traveling. How Ari Gootnick’s 6- Degrees of Separation Theory is reinventing traveling.

19143047_10156213738477542_8417679767192956758_oHave you ever heard about the 6- Degrees of Separation theory?

Well, if you have not neither did I  until my good friend Ari introduced me to an incredible project he will be working on this summer.

According to the 6 – Degrees of Separation theory each person on the planet is only six introductions away from any other person on the planet. This means that ultimately, whether we like it or not, we are all connected in one way or another.

Ari’s mission is to travel from LA to NYC. However, the interesting plot twist in Ari’s journey is that he will be doing this trip solely with the help of random strangers that are to some

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extent are related to him. This could be a friend of a friend, the girlfriend of your third cousin, your brother’s professor from college, the ex-boss of your cousins best friend, you name it. A couch, an extra room, a car ride, a meal, a weekend trip to the incredible Midwest, an experience, and smiles are just a couple of things that Ari will be needing in order to show us all that the world is more interconnected than we thought. Ultimately, Ari’s goal is to show that technology does not always isolate us but instead it allows us to come together even when we do not know one another.

The idea of traveling across the US by using you, your network, and your network’s network is simply the perfect combo for a great story and great memories. Indeed, the main reason why I want to see this project unfold and why I like it so much is related to my previous traveling experiences. I have experienced to some extend the power that networking has when it comes to traveling and I honestly cannot wait to see how Ari shows us this reality.

Make sure to stay tuned and to continue Ari’s journey on social media. I will for sure be waiting for his adventures to start appearing on my Facebook wall.


If you know anyone or if you are interested in helping Ari to complete this amazing quest please check the following links to this project website. At the same time, if you know someone who can give my buddy a ride from LA to San Diego please let us know.


First stop

Date: Thursday, June 15th
Message: Looking for drivers!
From: Los Angeles, California
To: San Diego, California


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