Wild Expectations vs Lame Reality: A Misleading Las Vegas Adventure. Part 2.

It was around 5 am when I went back to my motel room at the Galaxy. The thought of coming back to that shitty hotel did not make me happy, nonetheless, the thought that I was going to spend the day with Catalina and Marcos gave me hopes for a
better adventure. It was 8 am when Catalina and Marcos woke me u18191290_10155407060970572_1916537023_np. I was kind of hangover from the drinks I had the night before so I woke up a bit irritated by their noise. When they left the room, I went back to bed. I honestly do not know if the bed had bedbugs or my skin was sticky but my body was itching everywhere. I woke up again to find that Marcos and Catalina were not back. I began to get a bit angry by the fact that I was turning into the famous “third wheel”. They had left the room for a couple of hours and Catalina was not picking up her phone.When they both finally showed up I was ready to go to the gay pool party at the Luxor Casino hotel. Indeed, I had put on my black swim shorts that I bought on ASOS.. They fitted me perfectly which made me think about the fun we were about to experience.

Once we arrived at the Luxor Hotel we went straight to the pool. While walking from the hotel door to the pool I kept imagining that we were going to have a blast, that this pool party was going to symbolize my sexual liberation, and that I was going to be flirting with everyone. For a month Catalina and I had been working out at the gym intensively. Right after work ended we would go straight to the gym and try our best in shaping our core, butt, and chest. I remember how at the beginning we would go for 5 min and then leave as we were a bit embarrassed with all those bros at the weights room. Gladly, this is the opposite right now.


We crossed the entrance of the pool patio to find out that the Gay party was actually going to start in mid-summer and not this month. We saw each other’s face and were like “fuck this shit, fuck Vegas, fuck the gays”. To be honest I was so disappointed at this moment that it took a while until I came back to my senses. The pool was almost empty and there was not a single gay soul in the entire place. No gay flag, no gay music, no gay fun18336906_10155431656575572_378215450_n, no gay booty. The pool party was perhaps the most disappointing thing that happened to us that day. Not only did we stayed for less than an hour but a guy tried to steal my 4$ t-shirt from HnM. It was actually funny how it all happened. Catalina, Marcos, and I decided to swim for a bit. We thought it would be kinda senseless not to swim next to that fake pyramid and take some pictures. The background was perfect and the reflection of the sunlight focused our best angles. As usual, we left our bags unprotected as neither of us was taking care of them. Actually, if you were to meet Catalina you would realize right away what a clueless person she can be. My beautiful friend tends to blame the gnomes every time she loses something (she probably loses something 10 times a day). It has been 10 months since my friendship with Cata had reborn and by now I know that every time she says she loses something it will appear in the next 5 min, 5 hours, or 5 days later. Either way, while swimming in the pool Catalina pointed out to where our belongings were located. A guy was going through our stuff. He was a white male with blonde hair, not very tall, and not really skinny to fit in my shirt. I began to run towards him but my legs could not move fast because of the water. When I got to the chair the thief had sat down and had begun a conversation with the guy that was tanning next to us. I saw him right into his eyes and asked him to give me my shirt back. He looked at me and said, “oh sorry I thought it was mine”. I was so angry but I let it pass. At the end of the day it was a 4$ shirt that was given to me as a gift.

Due to the highest expectations we had created surrounding that pool party I knew that I needed to make it up for Catalina and Marcos.Ultimately, I felt a little bad as it was Catalina’s bday that day and it was because of me that we did not go to the David Guetta’s pool party. I knew about a place that can make anyone happy. This place has red letters and a yellow sign. This magical place is not Macdonalds but In and Out. Last time I had one of those burgers was about a year ago so I instantaneously knew I had to get as many as my stomach would allow. Indeed, I got myself a double burger, a cheeseburger, and animal style fries. It was actually very obvious how happy I was. The multiple waves of pleasure could be spotted miles away every time I had a bite of that burger. We got so full that it was time for our nap.

Once in the hotel, we decided to get high so we could sleep better. It is a tradition of Catalina and me to take a 2-hour nap before going to the bar or the club. We do this in order to rest our bodies and have as much energy as we would have normally. Unfortunately this time, just like our previous trip to Portland, we fell sleep and woke up around 2 am. By this time my energies were at their highest, I was super impatient and excited to do something.Not only did we miss clubbing that Sunday night but we stayed at the motel room sleeping. Catalina and Marcos had gotten an extra room for themselves that night. I put on my small shorts and blue t-shirt as I was naked, got up and went to their room. When I opened the door we began to laugh. I believe it was that moment when we knew that Vegas had let us down. Our habit of smoking weed stopped us from going partying that night. We kept making fun of ourselves and how ridiculous we were. This was the second state we had visited and in both trips we kept falling sleep before going to the club. The thought of going clubbing at 2 am did not make any sense to us. Although clubs and bars closed late in Las Vegas we all knew that if we did go out that night we would probably not wake up for the next day. Hence, we stayed home that night too.

When the sun came out we knew it was time to leave the motel and head our way to the strip. We ordered a lyft and went directly to the Wynn hotel. We were so hungry that we knew we wanted to eat the buffet everyone was talking about. Well, all my friends advised us to eat at buffets as it was cheaper than buying food at a restaurant. The buffet price was 30$ which I would not call cheap in general. Regardless of the price, the place was taken out of a magazine. The entrance of the Wynn was simply magical. It reminds me of Costa Rican hotels as they tend to be adorned with nature and water. We entered the hotel wearing our swimwears which were a bit random for the fanciness of some of its customers. While walking throughout those high-end designer shops we finally got to the buffet. We did not look fancy to eat at that place or walk throughout those stores but neither of us cared a bit. We were hungry and we were having such a great time laughing and joking around the hotel. Catalina and Marcos had created a variation of Spanish, they believe they have created a new language which I always try to copy. For them what I speak is a dialect that does not count with their approval. The words are a combination of English and Spanish trying to simulate how an American would pronounce many words in our language.

The buffet food was amazing. Korean bbq, eggs, hash browns, meat, bread, bacon, beef, sausage, and pizza were among the items I decided to eat that morning. Towards the end of our meal, we were full and wanted to nap again. However, this time I was not going to allow neither of them to even bring the idea of napping before going to explore the city. We did not have any more time to waste if we wanted to see everything on the strip. There were two gay groups sitting next to our table. One was a very attractive couple of twins, they looked the same to be honest. The other table of gays was full of queens and mean gays. You can totally spot the venom and jealousy that was pouring throughout their veins after they saw such an attractive couple. Indeed. this has been one thing I have struggled with getting to know myself. I do not understand how gays or people can wish bad upon each other instead of wishing good.


Once in the motel, Catalina and Marcos decided to order an extra room for themselves. Minutes later Catalina rushed into my room and began screaming and yelling “fuck that bitch, fuck that bitch”. She was so mad that she could barely make sense. Apparently, the manager of the motel was angry at us for no reason so when they ordered the extra room she sent them to the other side of the hotel far from my room.   I suspected that the attitude of the manager towards us occurred after we reported a missing little girl that was wandering in the motel during the morning. After seeing her wandering around the rooms I began to worry. A little 10-year-old should not be walking by herself in places like the one we were at. I called reception and told them that I saw a little girl wandering around the rooms. 20 min after reporting the little girls the cops showed up to the motel and took custody of the girl. It was weird to see how she was all by herself most likely scared.

I knew that the manager was mean to Catalina because she looks small and cute. Due to that reason I was not going to let her get with her own.  At least that was what I thought hehe. When I opened the door of the reception the eyes of the evil-starred directly to mine. She was bold like an eagle and an asshole like our current president. I explained to her that we wanted to be together and that there was no one sleeping in the room next to mine. It did not take her long until she started to scream and to show that she was the big bitch in that small reception area. Her attitude equaled Nene Leakes when she goes crazy in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In my head, I was not going to let that idiot treat me in such a disrespectful way, more when it came to the manager of a motel like the one we were staying at. A fake hotel with fake propaganda online. I desisted after she said I “threaten” her about reporting her to the real manager of the hotel. She won that battle but I made sure to sink their reviews on yelp, facebook, and Expedia after my trip ended. Customer service at the Galaxy Hotel (motel) was not included in the package.

Multiple cultures around the world tend to share this common saying “the third times a charm”. In our case, this was the third time we tried to go clubbing and finally it seemed like it was about to become a reality. Catalina and I have another tradition when it comes to going clubbing together. We usually match our outfits to look like the perfect boyfriend and girlfriend scenario. It seems like we both seem to enjoy cockblocking one another. We both dressed all black that night. In my case, I wore a black Zara shirt with black pants while Catalina wore a black slutty dress with white converse. It was funny to see Catalina finally wearing that black dress as she was buying the dresses at work but all of our coworkers kept telling her that she did not look hoe enough for Vegas. She ended up buying a specific kind of dress that was suitable for the slutty occasion. I most admit that she looked gorgeous. Perhaps I would even suggest that she looked like a virgin full of tattoos. That black slutty dress looked perfect on her body. During that month of working out and a good diet, Catalina had gained an incredible shape. Her butt lifted and her waist got smaller, her abs began to show up and her belly became flat like the way Earth used to be lol. These factors combined with her old school style tattoos made every man turn around every time she walked by them. Going with such a gorgeous girl made both Marcos and I look ugly. She overshadowed us.

Our last night we decided to spend it in Freemont Street Experience. It was the first time we gambled and kind of partied together. This street is known to be filled with music, lights, videos, people, and alcohol. Everyone was either drunk or getting drunk. People seemed to be hypnotized by the change of lighting. There was a group of country music playing in that street. Rednecks were spotted everywhere, some of them were dancing while other were fighting. We decided to end our night at the fountains of the Bellagio. We had previously heard that this was one of the most romantic experiences of Las Vegas, however, our little research kept letting us down. That night we went to see the fountains but they had shut down earlier that day. Disappointed and all we stopped this group of people in order to ask for suggestions. Two of them had gotten married that night and were looking for more people to join them in their orgy. The thought of having sex with those people disgusted me. They were a mix of drugs, party, alcohol, and horniness.  One of them, a girl, fell in love with Catalina. She came up to her and offered her a threesome. I was a bit anxious and annoyed by their random comments and gestures.

Our last day in las Vegas was perhaps the most boring of all of them. Initially, we booked our return flight to Seattle at 8 pm thinking that we were going to be doing sooo much in the city. Little did we know that we actually wanted to leave the first hour after sunrise. We left that horrible motel and decided to leave them a bad review on yelp. The thought of finally sleeping in my house kept me excited even if I knew that this was going to be my last week at that place. We ordered our last lyft. Once in the car, our driver was a DJ who had been living in Thailand for 5 years and came back to Las Vegas to sell his 4 properties.  He got angry at me after I criticized the weed laws in his state, for him Vegas had better weed laws than Washington State. He “offered” to drive us to a weed shop and use his medical marijuana card to purchase a joint. The catch was that after accepting his offering he demanded me to give him a tip in the shape of another j18339727_10155432279815572_1989995689_ooint. I agreed as I wanted to smoke before taking my flight. The lyft driver did not take us to a store nearby but instead, he drove to the other side of the city to buy this joint. The drive ended up costing me 23$ plus 20$ for the weed. 43$ wasted just like that. He left us at the Wynn hotel and said that we did a great decision by changing from the Galaxy motel to the Wynn. Funny enough, we were just going to the Wynn to smoke the joint and then leave. After smoking it we walked a bit more with all our baggage, the sun was setting high and the heat of the dessert had started to irritate our skin. Tired as fuck we both decided to head back to the airport at around 1 pm. We were in the waiting room sleeping until we woke up to take our flight.

We arrived in the cold Seattle at 11 pm. I went back to my house to sleep knowing that Vegas “not even once”. I did learn though. One thing I did learn in Vegas and it is that the more people you let in into your life the more polluted you can get. Being selective does not mean to be an asshole but it means to be smart. I did many things I regret in Vegas but I do think I did learn for the most part.  Vegas was the most unexpected trip ever. Never again lol.



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